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Arts Painting And Art Museums of Himachal Pradesh One Liner

Arts ,Painting And Art Museums of Himachal Pradesh One Liner


Arts ,Painting And Art Museums of Himachal Pradesh One Liner:-If you are preparing for any Himachal Pradesh government job paper then this post is very important for you. This post contains Arts ,Painting And Art Museums of Himachal Pradesh One Liner of HP . Check our website daily to see other parts.

These Arts ,Painting And Art Museums of Himachal Pradesh One Liner is useful for all government papers of Himachal Pradesh like Police, Patwari Forest Guard, Conductor and all other papers.

  • Which district’s ‘Sandal Industry’ is famous? –Chamba
  • Whose statue is installed in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh? –Avalokiteshvara 
  • During whose time did Basohli school of painting reach its peak? –Raja Kirpal Pal (1678-94 AD)
  •  What is hill painting? –Mural paining, mixture of miniature painting.
  • Who was Late. Chandu Lal Raina? –Artist (of Kangra painting)
  • What was the main theme of the Kangra School of Paintings? –Radha Krishna Paintings
  •  Which state of Uttar Pradesh was associated with the Phatta and Padma painters of Punjab Hill States? – Kangra state (Sansar chand)
  • Manaku and Nainsukh, which specializes in the art of miniature art belongs to which state? –Guler state 
  • Who made the image of Himachali, plucking the apple on the Shimla’s  walls? –M.C. Saxena 
  • Who was ‘Gugga’? –Popular Shilpi (Chamba principality)
  • Himachal Pradesh’s oldest school of painting is. –Basohli
  • Who first introduced Himachal Pradesh to Hindu-Arya Art? –Ashok
  • Before partition, a Buddhist idol of bronze was found in Fatehpur (Nurpur), which is now kept on where? –In the Lahore Museum
  • Which of the art was famous in Kushana period? –Unani Gandhara Art
  • Which art was popular in the Gupta period? –Nagar Art (Gupta Period)
  • Where is the Maharaja Sansar Chand Art Gallery located? –Dharamshala
  • Which hill painting made by the kingdom of Kangra is considered to be the father of most of the Kalam? –Guler Kalam
  • At the time of Nader Shah’s invasion, which ruler of Guler gave shelter to the artists? -Raja Govardhan Singh (1744-73)
  • In the 19th century, who handed over to the British resident, a handkerchief on Kurukshetra war, which is now safe in the Albert Museum London? –Raja Gopal Singh
  • Earliest Hill School of Painting is-Basohli School (by King Kirpal) (1674-94)
  • Kangra School has a full development. –Sujanpur Tihara (by Sansar Chand)
  • Pictures of Kangra painter Fattu. –Satasai dhara, Ragamala, Chamba village Baramasa
  • Pictures of Shobha Singh Art Gallery –Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal, Rubaiya of Umar Khayyam
  • Who is Seiyu? –Artist of Guler Art.
  • Fattu’s father Manak Chand (Manaku) was the painter in the court of which king? –Sansar Chand
  • Indian Tibetan art is developed -In Kinnaur and Lahaul-spiti Examples of wall painting –Rangmahal of Chamba, Palace of Sujanpur Tihra
  • Examples of Kangra style are: –Miniature painting, Wall painting, Pandu script painting.
  • The manuscript is the basis of painting. –Bhagavata Purana, Mahabharata, Ramayana
  • Development of Nagar art style –Gupta Period
  • Indian Arya Arts Firstly-Uses in Kullu by Ashoka (200 to 300 B.C.)
  • Mask is-Metal Art style
  • Kangra Style Painting Was Active:- Sujanpur Tihra of Hamirpur
  • Basohli Painting Came:- From Jammu
  • Handkerchief art:- Kadhai (Chamba)
  • Specialty Of The Nagar Style-Carving Of Stone
  • Red Color-Love,Yellow Color,Spring and Blue -Are Sylmbol of Clouds and Rain:- In The Basohali Kalam
  • In Which State Was Arki Art Style Flourished :- Baghal Principality
  • Sajnu was The Painter of Which State:- Kullu State

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