Important minerals of Himachal Pradesh


Important minerals of Himachal Pradesh

||Important minerals of Himachal Pradesh||Important minerals of HP||Himachal Pradesh Minerals Map ||HP Minerals  Map||

Important mineral of Himachal Pradesh are discussed below 

Limestone :-It is the most important mineral of the state which is also found in abundance. It is used in the manufacturing of cement, chemicals, fertiliser, calcium carbide, sugar, paper and leather industries. 80% of the minerel production in the state consists of limestone It is mainly found in Barmana (Bilaspur), Gagal (Kangra), Solan, Mandi, Chamba (Broh, Sindh, Dhundiara), Kinnaur, Kullu and Shimla districts. Besides, limestone deposits are also found in Sirmaur district in three regions. 

These regions are: 

  •  First region is from Khari to Bhoranj, which is important for cement manufacturing. A cement factory is established in Rajban. 
  • The second region is Karol which is situated near Kamrao and Bharti regions. This region has dolomitic limestone and granular limestone. 
  • The third region is situated in Naura Bhangari and Jarog at a height of 2150 m. This region has good quality limestone which has 96.5% calcium carbonate deposits. 

Dolomitic Limestone:- This mineral is found in Panjota of Kothipura block in Bilaspur. This mineral is used for the production of calcium and ammonium nitrate in the Nangal fertiliser factory of Food Corporation of India. Deposits of dolomitic limestone are also found in Nalagarh city of Solan district and Karol of Sirmaur district. 

Gypsum :-It is mainly found in Rajban, Bharti and Korga areas of Sirmaur district. Here maximum concentration of gypsum is found. Gypsum is also found is Kuthar area of Solan district but this is of low quality. Bhatri area of Chamba district also has gypsum deposits but due to lack of mining and transportation facility, it is still unutilised. The other areas of gypsum deposits are Lahaul and Spiti and Kinnaur districts. 

Barytes :-It is mainly found in Sirmaur (at Kanti, Mishwa-Talyana, Tiler Dhar and Dhala-Pipli), Lahaul and Spiti, Kinnaur, Solan and Shimla (at Naldehra) districts. Barytes mines are located in Kumla region. 

Magnesite :-It is mainly found in Nachetar area of Bharmour region of Chamba district. Magnesite is also found in Sui region of Himachal Pradesh. The magnesite mineral ore found in these region have 30% to 40% magnesite content. 

Rock Salt :-Himachal Pradesh is the only supplier of rock salt in the country which is found in Gumma and Darang mining regions of Mandi district. The filtered salt obtained from rocks is known as Lokhan in local language. This region is under the control of the Central Government which is trying to increase its production in order to establish chemical industries.

Silica Sand :-Ravines and rills of Una district have great amount of bright boulders which can casily be crushed and used to manufacture lead c.g. Parakva, Haroti, Homa and Bathuri ravines. Niari, Chenal and Sutlej river valley are the important areas of Bilaspur which have bright white stone that is used for manufacturing of lead. 

Slate:- The state has high quality slate stone and is the leading producer of slate in the country. This mining is done for fulfillment of the local needs. A factory is established in Mandi for manufacturing of slate tiles which has great demand in the country and the world. This demand created possibility for the development of other factories in the region. Slate is mainly found in Chamba, Sirmaur, Khaniara i Kangra district. 

Oil and Natural Gas:- Many places of the state have possibilities for the availability of oil and natural gas deposits. Chaumukh region of Sundernagar and Renuka region near Nahan has evidences of oil in the region. Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) has proposed projects for oil extracting in the regions of Deotsidh in Hamirpur and Rameshwar in Solan district which are important for the development of Himachal Pradesh.Jwalamukhi region is also famous for occurence of natural gas. 

Radioactive Minerals :-Evidences of radioactive rocks have been found in Kullu, Kinnaur, Hamirpur and Shimla regions. Banjar town near Chhinjara and Jari region of Parvati valley shows the possibility for the availability of such minerals as in Dhela of Garash valley. 

Mineral Water:- It is found in Bilaspur, Solan, Kangra and Shimla. Kalath village is famous the world over for mineral water. In Manali region of Kullu district natural mineral water resources are found that contains sodium, magnesium, calcium chloride, sulphates, phosphates and iron.

Himachal Pradesh Mineral Map

Himachal Pradesh Mineral Map

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