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Mostly Asked HP GK Question Answer in HPPSC Shimla Exam Set-21

Mostly Asked HP GK Question Answer in HPPSC Shimla Exam Set-21


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Mostly Asked HP GK Question Answer in HPPSC Shimla Exam Set-21

Prepare for your HPPSC Shimla exams with a comprehensive set of Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge (GK) questions and answers. Our collection covers a broad range of topics, including geography, history, culture, and significant facts about Himachal Pradesh.

Mostly Asked HP GK Question Answer in HPPSC Shimla Exam Set-21

 292. The Buddhist temple of Avlokiteshwara commonly known as ‘Guru Ghantal”  is situated above the confluence of which two rivers?
(A) Satluj and Spiti rivers
(B) Tons and Pabbar rivers
(C) Chandra and Bhaga rivers
(D) Baspa and Sutlej rivers

 293. Which of the following combinations is incorrect?
 (A) Bhaba pass : Kinnaur
(B) Tamsar pass: Kullu 
 (C) Hamta pass: Lahaul
 (D) Shingor pass : Shimla

294.Which of the following is the oldest princely state of H.P.?
(A) Kuluta
 (B) Trigarta
(C) Kehloor
(D) Suket

295. “Mukkila’ , ‘Sonapani’ , ‘Miyar’  and “Milang’  are names of the following?
(A) Peaks
(B) Glaciers
 (C) Passes
(D) Gompas

296. Baijnath Shiv Temple is believed to have built in 1204 AD by-
 (A) Raja Kripal Pal
(B)Ahuka and Manyuka
(C) Raja Lalitaditya
(D)  RaJa Mehar Chand

297.Who was the first President of the Council of Administrators of Chamba state formed to look after the administration till the minor ruler Raja Lakshman Singh comes of age?
(A) Capt. Forbes
 (B) Maj. Blair Reid
 (C) Maj. Hey
 (D) Maj. Toulnim

298.What is the net sown area out of the total geographical area of H.P.?
(A) 7.11 percent
(B)11.49 percent
(C) 24.50 percent 
 (D)  16.73 percent

299. Which district of H.P. gets the highest rainfall?
(A) Mandi
(B) Kangra
(C) Shimla
(D) Sirmaur

300.NABARD is implementing.the.Promotion of digital payment in Mandi’s Program in which of the following Mandis?
i) Dhalli Mandi, Shimla
ii)APMC, Solan
iii) Parala Mandi, Shimla 
iv)  Parwanoo Sabzi Mandi, Solan

(A) i and ii
(B)iii and iv
(C) None of these 
 (D)  All of the above 

301. Which of the following ancient tribes is believed to have inhabited the inner Himalayan terrain right from the Ganges up to the Chanderbhaga till Gupta period? 
 (A) Dasyu
(B) Kol 
(C) Nagas
(D) None amongst these

302.Raja Ram Chand the great lover of architecture and built Ramgarh fort who made Ramshehr as summer capital belong to which state?
 (A) Kehlur
(B) Sirmaur
(C) Hindur
(D) Suket

303.The famous building built in unique colonial style by Richardson and Cruddas in Shimla is-
(A) Kennedy House
(B) Railway Board Building
 (C) Gorton Castle 
(D) Gaiety Theatre

304. “Manaku’ is considered one of the great masters of the following style of painting during the reign of Raja Sansar Chand?
(A) Chamba Painting
(B) Kangra Painting 
 (C) Pahari Miniature Painting
 (D) Basholi Painting

305.Which valley of Kinnaur district is connected with Garhwal by several passes?
 (A) Baspa Valley
(B) Bhaba Valley
(C) Hangrang Valley
 (D) Ropa Valley

306.The women of which district have started getting monthly pension of Rs. 1500/- w.e.f. February, 2024?
 (A) Una
(B) Sirmaur
 (C) Chamba
(D) Lahaul-Spiti

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