Solved GK Question Answer Asked in HP Consumer commission Clerk Exam 2022


Solved GK Question Answer Asked in HP Consumer commission Clerk Exam 2022

||Solved GK Question Answer Asked in HP Consumer commission Clerk Exam 2022|| HP Consumer commission Clerk Exam Question Paper 2022||HP Consumer commission Clerk Exam previous year Question Paper 2022||

 Question 1:-World Day Against Child Labour Theme 2022

Answer:- Universal Social Protection to End Child Labour

Question 2:-operation sankalp is associated with which armed force

Answer:- Indian Navy

Question 3:-Nari ko naman scheme is associated with which state in india

Answer;- Himachal Pradesh

Question 4:-Draupadi Murmu is from which state


Question 5:-1st women president of india

Answer:-Pratibha Patil

Question 6:-digital india week theme 2022

Answer:-Catalyzing New India’s Techade

Question 7:-cj of himachal pradesh

Answer:-Justice Amjad A Sayed

Question 8:-who heads the state consumer disputes commission himachal pradesh

Answer:-Justice Inder Singh Mehta(retd)

Question 9:-constitutional head of state government 

Answer:- Chief Minister

Question 10:-How many pairs of ribs are present in the human body?

Answer:- 12 Pairs

Question 11:-what is the cause of tuberculosis disease

Answer:-a type of bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Question 12:-insulin is a kind of


Question 13:-Who is known as the father of Supercomputing?

Answer:-Seymour Cray

Question 14:-Satluj enters in Himachal Pradesh at

Answer:-Shipki (Kinnaur)

Question 15:-which is the oldest hydro electric project in himachal pradesh

Answer:-Shanan (Joginder Nagar)

Question 16:-Himachal Day is celebrated on

Answer:- 15 April

Question 17:-Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer:-Virbhadra Singh

Question 18:-who was the first governor general of india to visit shimla

Answer:-Lord Amherst

Question 19:-SYNONYMS For frantically


Question 20:-SYNONYMS For contempt


Question 21;-Biggest Natural lake in himachal pradesh

Answer:-Renuka lake

Question 22:-Longest River in Himachal pradesh


Question 23:-largest district of himachal pradesh area wise

Answer:-Lahaul and Spiti

Question 24:- What is ‘Agni-4’, which was recently tested by India?

Answer:-Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile

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