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Uttarakhand GK Question Answer In English-Part-3


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Uttarakhand GK Question Answer In English-Part-3

Uttarakhand GK Question Answer In English-Part-3:-If you are preparing for any Uttarakhand government job paper then this post is very important for you. This post contains Daily Uttarakhand gk question answers. This is part 3. Check our website daily to see other parts.

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Uttarakhand GK Question Answer In English -Part-3:-

36. Which of the following castes lived in Kurmanchal during the Mahabharata period?
(a) Yaksha
(b) Kirat
(c) Khas
(d) All these

37. From which place in Uttarakhand have inscriptions been found?
(a) Kalsi
(b) Lakhamandal
(c) Mana
(d) All these

38. What was the ancient name of Joshimath?
(a) Joshipur
(b) Jyotishpur
(c) Jwalapur
(d) None of these 

39. From which place have the inscriptions on the walls been found inside the caves?
(a) Devprayag
(b) Kalpanaty
(c) Gopeshwar
(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

40. From which of the following places has the inscription of Princess Ishvara been found, according to which the kingdom of the Yadavas was in the Yamuna riverbed?
(a) Lakhamandal
(b) Siroli
(c) Mana
(d) Barwala

41. Kushankalin the first and second century received from whence Currencies?
(a) Muni ki Reti
(b) Sumadi
(c) Kandara
(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

42. Inscriptions of which two kings are inscribed in the Trishul inscription of the Rudrashiva temple of Gopeshwar?
(a) Nagpati Nag
(b) Ashoka Challa
(c) Amoghamurti
(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

43. Who was the first political power to rule on Uttarakhand?
(a) Kuninda
(b) Nag
(c) Maurya
(d) Kushan

44. The famous geographer Ptolemy in the second century BC. Which caste is mentioned in the upper region of Vyas, Ganga and Yamuna?
(a) Kuninda
(b) Khas
(c) Katyuri
(d) none of these

45. What was the capital of the Kuninda ruler Subahu in the Mahabharata period? (a) Kashipur
(b) Kalsi
(c) Srinagar
(d) Almora

46. By what name was the king Kuninda known in the Mahabharata period?
(A) the best
(b) medium
(c) offers twice-born
(d) the twice-born 

47. Silver and copper coins of which of the following Kuninda rulers have been received from Vyas to Alaknanda in the west and Sunet and Behat in the south?
(a) Amoghabhuti
(b) Basantdev
(c) both ‘a’ and ‘b’
(d) none of these

48. Who was the most powerful ruler of Kuninda dynasty?
(a) Basantdev
(b) Amoghabhuti
(c) Tribhuvaraja
(d) None of these

49. The coins of the rulers of which dynasty contemporary to Kuninda have been received from Jaunsar-Bhavar and Kalodanda region?
(a) Maurya
(b) Shaka
(c) Yaudheya
(d) Nag

50. Which of the following was inscribed with ‘Ragya: Kunindas Amoghabhutis Mahrajas’ in Prakrit language on the silver and copper coins of Amoghabhuti?
(a) goddess and lion
(b) goddess and deer
(c) Lion and Deer
(d) Pashupati Dev

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