HP GK Question Answer In English Set-2

HP GK Question Answer In English Set-2


HP GK Question Answer In English Set-2 :-If you are preparing for any Himachal Pradesh government job paper then this post is very important for you. This post contains Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English Set-2. This is part 2. Check our website daily to see other parts.

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HP GK Question Answer In English Set-2:-

101.King Raj Singh of Chamba was killed in Nerti by —Sansar Chand
102. Which Sikh chief of Mughals occupied Kangra Forti n 1783 A.D. ? —Jai Singh Kanhaiya
103. Sujanpur Tihra Fort was built by which king of Kangra ? —Ghamand Chand
104. Who established Nagarkot Fort (Kangra Fort)? —Susharma Chand
105. The name of Nurpur State was kepton the name of —Noor Jahan 
106. At which place of Kangra Lahna Singh Majithia built palace and Baradari ? —Trilokpur 
107. Haripur was capital of —Guler
108. In which province was Rehlu region in 1785A.D.? —Guler
109. Which king of Kangra made Chinese traveller Hwen Tsang as his guest in 635A.D.? —Uditaya Udima 
110. Dharamshala, Palampur, Nurpur, DehraGopipur are situated in —Kangra
 111. Baijnath, Nurpur, Jwali, Indora, Nagrota are situated in —Kangra
112. Dharamshala was established by —Lord Mcloed
113. Tapowan or Sandeepani Himalaya is situated in —Kangra (Dharamshala)
114. Who wrote the play Dharamchand ? —Manik Chand 
115. The first European to visit Kangra in 1615 A.D. (who first of all described Kangra) was —Thomas Koriyat
116. Which king of Kangra fell into a dry well while hunting and he was believed to be dead ? —Hari Chand 
117. Who was made king of Kangra Province after considering king Hari Chand-Tto be dead ? -Karam Chand 
118. Which is the last village of India on China Border in Kinnaur District of H.P, ? —Samudro (Kaurik) 
119. Which Governor-General transferred his summer capital to Chini in Shimla, which at present is known as Kalpa ? —Lord Dalhauzi 
120. The headquarters of Kinnaur district is —Rikangpio 
121. By which name Ladakh is called in Kinnaur ? —Mone
122. The headquarters of Hongrong is —Lio
123. Chini was old name of —Kalpa
124. How many administrative development blocks are there in Hamirpur District (in 2000)? -6 
125. Which dynasty was related to Hamirpur ? –Katoch Dynasty 
126. At which place of Hamirpur District| Herbal Garden is situated ? -Neri 
 127. After the occupation of Maharaja Ranjit Singh on Kangra Fort, at which place king Sansar Chand established his capital ? -Sujanpur Tihra
128. The birth place of Yash Pal is –Bhumpal (Hamirpur)
129. In which year Nadaun was made a subdivision ? –1975A.D.
130. Nadaunta, Bhorunj, Budsar are situated in -Hamirpur
 131. Religious place ‘Mattan Siddh is situated in the district Hamirpur 
 132. At which place of Hamirpur District, HPMC is establishing Cold Store and Vegetable Pack House  –Nadaun 
 133. The literal meaning of Spiti is –Land of precious stones 
 134. The headquater of Lhaul Spiti District is situated in Kelang
135. Which district headquarters of H.P.is situated at the highest place ? —Kelang (Lahaul-Spiti)
136. What is the area of Lahaul-Spiti  —13,835 sq. kms
137. The headquarters of Spiti is —Kaja
138. The highest village of the world to get power ‘Kibber’ is situated in the district —Lahaul-Spiti
139. Before getting merged in H.P., Lahaul Spiti got the status of a separate -1960 
 140. What is Khoksar ? –old Village of Chandra Valley (the coldest place of Lahaul)
141. Trilokinath, Udaipur, Chandratal, Kelang are situated in -Lahaul-Spiti 
142. The height of Kelang from the sea level is -3165 metres
143. Guru Ghantal Sect rose in -Lahaul-Spiti
144, Which Sikh commander had burnt Buddhist manasteries of Spiti ? –Jorawar Singh 
145. The last village of Spiti Valley is –Losar
146. Khardong Gompa is situated in ~Kelang
147. The eight-armed idol of marble of Avlokiteshwar Vodhistav is situated in ~Trilokinath
148. The first school was opened in Kaja of Spiti in –1932
149. Who opened the first primary school in Kelang in 1861 A.D.? ~Mr. & Mrs. Hide
150. Gondla Fort is situated in ~Lahaul-Spiti 
151. Which Lahauli god was born i, Shansha situated on the bank of Chinab ? –Gephang
 152.1n which temple Pauri Festival in celebrated  -Trilokinath Temple
153. Dhonkar was capital of king of ~Spiti
154. Kelang was made headquarters of Lahaul-Spiti in –1941
155. In which district the crop of Hapse is cultivated ? –Lahaul-Spiti
 156. Dhokar Gompa is situated in -Spiti
 157. During First World War (1914-18) which Wazir of Lahaul was given command as Jamadar in sixth labour core ? –Wazir Amir Chand 
158. When did the Christian Missionary (Morawian Mission) establish its headquarters in Kelang (Lahaul) ? –1853A.D.
159. Miyan Jimpu is related to the period of which king ? –Siddhsen (Mandi) 
160. Mandi was made district on –April 15, 1948 
161. The boundary of how many districts touches Mandi district ? -6
 162. Which place of Mandi is as good as heaven for the hiking loving people for its peaceful ways Janjhjeli
163. For how many years Sansar Chand kept the king Ishwari Sen of Mandi in captivation ? –For 12 years 
164. At which place Sukhdev Vatika is situated ? -Sundernagar (Mandi) 
 165. The Last ruler of Suket Province was _Lakshman Sen  
166. Lalit Sen (Former MP) was related to Which Province-Suket  Province 
167. The Last king of’ Suket Province was Lakshman Sen. Who was the last king of Mandi Province ? ~Joginder Sen
168. Chail-Chowk is situated in the district –Mandi
169. Who led the anti-corruption movement in Mandi Province in 1909A.D.? -Shobha Ram
170. Which king of Mandi Province rejected the demand of more tax collection of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ? –Balbir Sen
171. Ishwar Sen was defeated by Sansar Chand in 1792, was in imprisonment in Nadaun for 12 years. –Amar Singh Thapa got freed in 1804
172. Balichowki, Baldwada, Joginder Nagar, Sunder Nagar, Mandi, Sarkaghat, Chachyot are situated in -Mandi
173. Dharampur, Gopalpur, Drung, Thunag, Chailchowk are situated in ~ -Mandi
174. By which name member of Ghadar Party got famous ? –Swami Krishnanand
175. The two people who were hanged to death in Nagchala Docoity Incident by the British –Surjan and Nidhan Singh Chaggha
176. Member of Ghadar Party who was given death sentence for involvement in Lahore Conspiracy –Hirdaya Ram
 177 Which district had maximum contribution in National Freedom Movement ? -Mandi
178. The leader of Mandi to rebel against the British –Hardev of Ghadar Party
179. Who was the leader of Anti Begar Custom (Mandi) Movement ? –Shobha Ram
180. The hand behind Mandi Conspiracy (1914-15) was of -Ghadar Party 
181. Bahusen, the descendant of Veer Sen established which province at Mangalaur ? –Mandi Province 
182. Tn which district, the rain god Pashukot is worshipped ? ~Mandi 
183. Who invaded Mandi in 1794 ? –King Sansar Chand 
184. In which year first Legislative Council was established in Mandi Province ? –1939 A.D. 
185. In which year dispensary was opened in Baned (Sunder Nagar) ? –1880 A.D. (By King Dusht Nikandan)
186. Polytechnic Institute in Mandi is situated in -Sunder Nagar
87. Who built King Edward Hospital in Baned in 1910 – Bheem Sen 
188. Pada Jeevanand was an officer of which state ? –Mandi 
189. Which leader of Mandi Province was given sentence in Lahore Conspiracy ? –Hirdaya Ram
 190. Which king of Mandi got killed the ruler of Bangahal, Prithipal ? –Siddh Sen
 191. Which king of Bilaspur established Handur Province ? –Ajay Chand (Ajit Chand)
 192. The summer capital of former Patiala Province was ~Chayal
193. Baghal Province is a part of which district at present ? -Solan
194. Which of the following (Baghal/ Kunihar/Mangal/Bushahar) provinces does not come under Arki tehsil ? -Bushahar
195. In Which city of H.P,, house of Salman Rushdie is there ? –Solan
196. Spatu. Brotiwala, Parwanu, Kasauli alagarh, Chayal, Arki, Dharampur,, Kandaghat are situated in which district  –Solan
197. Prior to 1947, the capital of Baghat Province was –Solan
 198. By deserting which ruler of Handur(Nalagarh) to Hoshiarpur, the Gorkhas occupied Nalagarh in 1803 ? –Ramsharan
199. Against whose atrocities, the people of Nalagarh rebelled in 1876  –Gulam Kadir Khan
200. When was Kunihar Prajamandal established ? –1939A.D.

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