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HPAS PRE Exam Important Question Answer Set-2


Table of Contents

HPAS PRE Exam Important Question Answer Set-2

Ques 1. Who chaired the meeting with representatives of the Pesticide Manufacturing Industry through video conferencing to check the strategy to prevent locust attacks on agricultural fields? 
A. Shivraj Singh Chouhan
B. Thawar Chand Gehlot
C. Narottam Mishra
D. Narendra Singh Tomar

Ans. Narendra Singh Tomar

Ques 2. When was the Prime Ministers Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM CARES) fund established? 
A. 15 March 2020
B. 21 March 2020
C. 27 March 2020
D. 1 April 2020

Ans. 27 March 2020

Ques 3. PM CARES trust has allocated ____ for the fight against COVID-19 pandemic on 13 May? 
A. Rs.1,800 crore
B. Rs.2,500 crore
C. Rs.3,100 crore
D. Rs.4,300 crore

Ans. Rs.3,100 crore

Ques 4. The first woman film star nominated or elected to the Rajya Sabha was 
A. Nargis Dutt
B. Vijayanthimala
C. Jayalalitha
D. Shabana Azmi

Ans. Nargis Dutt

Ques 5. Who was Dr. Salim Ali? 
A. Famous agriculture scientist
B. Founder of Aligarh Muslim University
C. Famous ornithologist
D. None of the above

Ans. Famous ornithologist

Ques 6. Which one of the following is correctly matched? 

A. The Pallavas – Monolithic rathas
B. The Cholas – Gandhara art
C. The Guptas – Persian art
D. The Kushans – Structural temples

Ans. The Pallavas – Monolithic rathas

Ques 7. Which among the following is India’s oldest dynasty? 
A. Maurya
B. Gupta
C. Vardhana
D. Kushana

Ans. Maurya

Ques 8. The ancient port Poompuhar was situated on the bank of 
A. Vaigai
B. Cauvery
C. South Pannar
D. Tungabhadra

Ans. Cauvery

Ques 9. Which city is known as the Manchester of India? 
A. Coimbatore
B. Ahmedabad
C. Mumbai
D. Kolkata

Ans. Ahmedabad

Ques 10. The Rameswaram island is separated from the main land of India by the channel. 
A. Palk
B. Pamban
C. Gibraltar
D. Marinar

Ans. Pamban

Ques 11. The most basic of all test instruments is the 
A. Multimeter
B. Ohm meter
C. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
D. Galvanometer

Ans. Galvanometer

Ques 12. The drugs caffeine, tannin, nicotine are 
A. Steroids
B. Mild alkalis
C. Alkaloids
D. Cortisones

Ans. Alkaloids

Ques 13. When was the International Monetary Fund (IMF) established? 
A. 1945
B. 1946
C. 1947
D. 1950

Ans. 1945

Ques 14. A secular state is 
A. religious
B. irreligious
C. anti – religious
D. neutral in religious matters

Ans. neutral in religious matters

Ques 15. Which Raja of Spiti invaded Kullu and made it a tributary 

A. Samudra Sena
B. Chet Sena
C. Hemant Sena
D. Rajendra Sena

Ans. Rajendra Sena

Ques. The Yunam-so lake is located in which district Ser 

A. Kinnaur
B. Chamba
C. Kullu
D. Lahaul-Spiti

Ans. Lahaul-Spiti


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