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Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-92

Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-92


Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-92:-If you are preparing for any Himachal Pradesh government job paper then this post is very important for you. This post contains Daily Himachal Pradesh gk question answers. This is part 92. Check our website daily to see other parts.

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Most Important Himachal Pradesh GK Question Answer In English -Part-92:-

1851. Who built the Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Chamba? 
A. Meru Varman
B.Sahil Varman
C. Lakshmi Varman
D. Lalit Varman

1852.On which river is Chamba Pattan bridge which, being without pillars, is first of its kind in h.p ? 
A. Ravi
B. Satluj
c. Yamuna
D. Beas

1853.which raja of chamba abdicated in favour of his son Shyam Singh ARound 1873 AD?
a.siri singh
b. gopal singh
c.jeet singh
d.charat singh

1854: Who negotiated the arrangement between the states Of Kashmir and Chamba by which the latter became independent of the former ? 
A. Col, Lawrence
B. George Russel
C. David Ochterlony
D. Capt. G. B irch

1855: Which two districts of H.P are covered under the Backward Region Grant fund of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India?
(A) Kinnaur and Iahul & Spiti
(B) Lahul-spiti and Chamba
(C) Chamba and Sirmour
(D) Sirmour and Kinnaur

1856: Which Raja of Chamba transferred the capital of his state from Bharmaur to Chamba
A.Meri Varman
B.Aditya Varman
C.Sahil Varman
D.Soma Varman

1857: Which of the following valleys lies Between the Dhauladhar and Pir PanJaI? 
(A) Balh valley
(B) Bara Bhangal Valley
(C) Kiara Dun Valley
(D) Pabbar valley

1858: In which year Swiss envoy W.P. Blazer put up a sign board, which formally and Officially Declared Khajjair as ‘Mini Switzerland’? 
A.7th July, 1992
B.1st oct, 1975
C.10th March, 1966
D.10th April,1966

1859.Chola and Dora are the popular traditional dress of which of the following tribes? 

1860. The stone inscriptions found in the Chamba region have mostly been written  in which script?
A.BhOtia or Tibetan
B.Sharda and Tankri
C.Kharoshti and Brahmi
D.Nagri and Kutil

1861: Lanji’, ‘Saro’ and ‘Rajnagar’ in Chamba district are the centers for the development of the Following

1862: The only coin special to Chamba, five of which makes an ‘anna’ is the
C. Chakli

1863: Who amongst the following was first to examine the archaeological remains in Chamba and Bharmaur?
A.Colonel Reid
B.Mr. Vigne
C.General Cunningham
D.Sir Henry Davies

1864: The Bhuri Singh Museum is located at: 


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